How tech services scale-up Guidion builds its centralized data team

Guidion is a scale-up in the technical services industry. Their large network of self-employed mechanics install services and fix technical problems for the customers of Guidion’s partners in the energy and telecom sectors. This chain of events – from the moment that a customer makes an appointment to when it is completed by Guidion – generates a wealth of data. Over the course of 2021, GoDataDriven has helped Guidion to build a centralized data team of engineers and analysts that fits Guidion’s T-shaped culture. Through knowledge-sharing sessions and joint projects in machine learning, data dashboards and engineering, we created a team in which the analysts think like engineers and the engineers think like analysts. In this session, we’ll discuss the challenges of building such a versatile team in a scale-up, how Guidion plans on continuing their data-driven journey how data plays a central role in their business processes.


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