Topics: Strategy

Cloud and Agile; Curse or Blessing?

November 2, 2021 09:00

Many say that Agile and Cloud can solve anything. But, will Agile and Cloud reinforce each other in business acceleration? Does Cloud serve Agile or the other way around? Can Cloud and Agile work together, or are they not necessarily related to each other? Does Agile suit everyone, or are there environments where it will do more bad than good? What are the most critical aspects that need to be addressed in almost every organization? Monique Dekker asks Senior Technical Agile Consultant Theo Gerrits for guidance and practical advice. This session benefits management, mid-management, and leadership positions involved with Agile and/or Cloud, who want to scale, have questions about practical implementation, and more. In short, gain the right insights to take the next step towards effectively deploying these modern tools and methods.



Theo Gerrits, Monique Dekker