Technologies: AWS
Topics: Data & AI

How AWS applies Data Science in Professional Sports (NHL, Bundesliga, F1, PGA Golf)

August 3, 2021 10:00

The world’s best sports organizations are using AWS to build data-driven solutions and reinvent the way sports are watched, played, and managed. AWS provides cloud services that are at the core of sports innovation, athlete optimization, and epic fandom. Machine learning (ML) is producing advanced stats like NFL’s Next Gen Stats, high-performance computing (HPC) is redesigning F1 race cars and America’s Cup boats, organizations like NASCAR are using artificial intelligence (AI) services to automatically tag and categorize archives, and Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting sensors from the field and track to deliver real-time data. Whether it's predicting the probability of a catch in real-time, or forecasting ticket sales after a winning season, technology is changing the game.


In this session, Luuk Figdor will discuss several examples of how AWS is helping customers and partners engage their fans, train their teams, and transform the business of sports.

AWS and professional sports - Club Cloud 2021


Luuk Figdor