Julian de Ruiter

Machine Learning Engineer at GoDataDriven

Julian is a machine learning engineer at GoDataDriven, who also enjoys dabbling in developing open-source software. He previously studied at the Delft University of Technology, where he completed his Bachelor in Computer Science and his Master in Bioinformatics cum laude. After Delft, he spent his PhD exploring breast cancer development and origins of (acquired) treatment resistance at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, after which it made sense for Julian to use his skills in a more applied setting at GoDataDriven.

Julian enjoys learning new technologies and finding new ways to apply these technologies to effectively solve real-life problems. In his spare time, he also enjoys developing his own Python packages and contributing to open-source projects. Besides this, he is also co-author of the ‘Data Pipelines with Apache Airflow‘ book, which explains how to effectively use Airflow to build data processing platforms and applications.

Clients include: KNAB and Heineken