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Nov 02


Strategy & Innovation – 2 Nov

Monique Dekker, Theo Gerrits, Guido van den Boom, Bas Karsemeijer, Renald Buter, Vadim Nelidov, Dirk Guijt
Experts from the field share the pros and cons of agile for teams that use cloud technology and learn from Bas Karsemeijer, head of Data & Analytics, how HEMA uses data to deliver an unforgettable customer experience.
Technologies: AWS
Topics: Strategy Data & AI

Infrastructure – 2 Nov

Luca Cavallin, Steyn Huizinga, Andrès Koetsier
Luca Cavallin obtained his Google Cloud Engineer Certificate and he will share which resources he used to prepare in the most efficient way. Learn how DSM’s Sustell enables farmers to measure their environmental footprint and test ways to improve it using AWS. The service uses over 700 data points and internationally certified calculation methodologies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide the most accurate analysis to help farmers make the best environmental and business decisions.
Technologies: AWS
Topics: Infrastructure as Code Data & AI

DBT 101 workshop

Renald Buter, Sara Leon, Kyle Coapman
Join this introductory dbt workshop with Sara Leon and Kyle Coapman to get acquainted with dbt, a development framework that combines modular SQL with software engineering best practices to make data transformation reliable, fast, and fun. DBT makes it possible for anyone with SQL knowledge to author data pipelines. DBT is a transformation layer that sits on top of a data warehouse, it makes moving data into warehouses easier. As such, it is an essential element of the modern data warehouse.
Technologies: dbt
Topics: Data & AI

Nov 03


Workshop: Data Observability with Soda

Renald Buter, Maarten Masschelein, Cor Zuurmond
Get to grips with the latest tools for data engineering and data observability: SODA. We will dive into SODA, a smart observability tool.
Technologies: SODA Coiled
Topics: Data & AI

COILED: Burst to the cloud with data science and ML workflows

Renald Buter, Matt Rocklin
In this session, Matt Rocklin, CEO of Coiled, explains how they help data scientists use Python for ambitious problems, scaling to the cloud for computing power, ease, and speed—all tuned for the needs of teams and enterprises. Coiled is built on Dask, a free and open-source library that helps scale your data science workflows and provides a complete framework for distributed computing in Python.
Topics: Data & AI

Workshop: Using NATS for multi cloud event streaming

Luca Cavallin, Adelina Simion, Colin Sullivan
NATS is a lightweight, easy to deploy, high performance messaging system that builds upon cloud native infrastructure concepts. It is also open source and written in Go. Form3 has been successfully using NATS for event streaming on our multi cloud architecture, which powers payments for Financial Institutions at high volumes. This talk will share our knowledge and usage of this cool technology with the tech community.
Technologies: NATS
Topics: Data & AI

ML Ops workshop: Tensorflow Extended running on Airflow

Julian de Ruiter, Renald Buter, Roman Ivanov
Key concepts of TensorFlow Extended (TFX) and develop the skills to run TFX workflows on Apache Airflow. In this workshop, we’ll dive into TFX, a tool built for consistent and reliable deployment of TensorFlow-based models to production.
Topics: Data & AI

Nov 04


Workshop Delta Lake Sharing – Databricks – Nov 4

In May of this year, Databricks released Delta Sharing, an open protocol for the secure exchange of massive datasets. Through the generation of pre-signed, short-lived URLs pointing directly at requested data, and their distribution to authenticated data consumers, Delta Sharing facilitates real-time, platform-agnostic access to an organization’s information. This makes Delta Sharing well-suited as a means to inter-domain dataset distribution in the Data Mesh. Data Mesh is an architectural paradigm that erupted into the public consciousness at around the same time. This code breakfast consists of two parts.
Technologies: Databricks
Topics: Data & AI

Cloud News – Club Cloud Stories – Nov 4

In these live episode of Club Cloud Stories - The Cloud News, hosts Jacco and Luca discuss the latest cloud developments from Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.
Topics: Data & AI

RAPIDS Workshop – 4 Nov

RAPIDS is an open-source software that accelerates the whole Data Science Pipeline from Data Preparation/Visualization to Machine Learning on GPU. In this workshop, you get familiar with RAPIDS which runs on Python with pandas/scikit-learn-like API and you experience the speed-up it provides.
Technologies: RAPIDS
Topics: Data & AI

Data Science in Production – 4 nov

Let’s take data science in production! In this stream, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from leading enterprises that leverage data applications to improve their operation. Ahold Delhaize, Mollie, and Royal FloraHolland are three very distinct organizations that share their belief in the value and potential of data-driven business.
Topics: Data & AI

Google Cloud Platform User Group Benelux

Google Cloud Platform User Group Benelux is providing a Meetup on the 4th of November about Data Management in the Cloud.
Technologies: Google Cloud
Topics: Data & AI

Google Cloud – 4 nov

Join Google's specialists to learn more about some of the hottest GCP topics of the moment: Datamesh, streaming data ingestion, Vertex AI and App Modernization with Anthos.
Technologies: Google Cloud
Topics: Data & AI