Nov 03

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Nov 01

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Nov 03


Talkshow the web-based workplace

Boris Du Bois, David Saris, Jeroen van Dam, Jeroen Hovinga, Jonas Aerts, Emiel Bekke, Ernst-Jan van Gils
Join our journey towards a web-based workplace in this interactive talkshow!
Technologies: Google Workspace Chrome Enterprise Lumapps Salesforce Google Cloud Freshworks
Topics: Web Based Workplace

Cloud Transformation day for ISVs

Marcel de Vries, Geert van der Cruijsen, Alex de Groot, Fabian Klein Schiphorst
Xpirit presents a top-notch interactive talk show about Cloud Transformation for ISVs.
Technologies: Microsoft
Topics: Strategy

K-Sim Connect: How collaboration leads to successful innovation

Roy Cornelissen, Sander Aernouts, Gullik A. Jensen PhD, William Chaumeton
Technologies: Microsoft
Topics: Strategy Software Engineering

Workshop: Data Observability with Soda

Renald Buter, Maarten Masschelein, Cor Zuurmond
Get to grips with the latest tools for data engineering and data observability: SODA. We will dive into SODA, a smart observability tool.
Technologies: SODA Coiled
Topics: Data & AI

COILED: Burst to the cloud with data science and ML workflows

Renald Buter, Matt Rocklin
In this session, Matt Rocklin, CEO of Coiled, explains how they help data scientists use Python for ambitious problems, scaling to the cloud for computing power, ease, and speed—all tuned for the needs of teams and enterprises. Coiled is built on Dask, a free and open-source library that helps scale your data science workflows and provides a complete framework for distributed computing in Python.
Topics: Data & AI

Workshop: Using NATS for multi cloud event streaming

Luca Cavallin, Adelina Simion, Colin Sullivan
NATS is a lightweight, easy to deploy, high performance messaging system that builds upon cloud native infrastructure concepts. It is also open source and written in Go. Form3 has been successfully using NATS for event streaming on our multi cloud architecture, which powers payments for Financial Institutions at high volumes. This talk will share our knowledge and usage of this cool technology with the tech community.
Technologies: NATS
Topics: Data & AI

ML Ops workshop: Tensorflow Extended running on Airflow

Julian de Ruiter, Renald Buter, Roman Ivanov
Key concepts of TensorFlow Extended (TFX) and develop the skills to run TFX workflows on Apache Airflow. In this workshop, we’ll dive into TFX, a tool built for consistent and reliable deployment of TensorFlow-based models to production.
Topics: Data & AI

Nov 04

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Nov 05

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