HEMA: Master data management and human intelligence

Most people know HEMA as the traditional Dutch shop with tomcats. Bas Karsemeijer has been driving digital transformation at HEMA for 3 years now. He and his team translate insights from data to the physical store and online. In 3 years, Bas has caught up in the organization, which has now led to a nomination for the Customer Data Award 2021. This is not only for Business intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, but especially by using Human Intelligence in addition to data.

Bas shares his rich experience of 3 years in this podcast. We’re talking about gaining leeway from the board, without expecting any results. We examine the data maturity of the organization in the store, online and in the supply chain. We learn if and how you can deploy an algorithm for a product across multiple branches. And we’re talking about the selection of a technology stack, the data lake aka Data Candy Land


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