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1-5 November 2021
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Five Days of Cloud
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Learn about the latest cloud technology.
Meet friends and like-minded people.

A delightful cocktail of in-depth tech topics for cloud-native engineers and insights that empower business leaders to increase the speed of innovation. Engage with product specialists from leading tech companies like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft, Databricks, upcoming tools like dbt, Coiled, NATS, and learn from experienced practitioners from eBay, Schiphol, Guidion, Ahold, Dexter, VU Amsterdam, and more.

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November 1 / 5, 2021

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Tune in to talks and meetups, join training tasters, and ask experts anything. Most sessions are hybrid, so you can choose to join us on location or to enjoy a top-notch viewing experience from any place.


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Topics include Data & AI, Software Development, Infrastructure, Strategy, Security, and DevOps / SRE.

Technologies include Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Databricks, Apache Airflow, dbt, Fivetran, Coiled and more.


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Modern Data Platform

Diederik Greveling
An introduction to the Modern Cloud-Based Data Platform
Topics: Data & AI

How AWS applies Data Science in Professional Sports (NHL, Bundesliga, F1, PGA Golf)

Luuk Figdor
The world’s best sports organizations are using AWS to build data-driven solutions and reinvent the way sports are watched, played, and managed. AWS provides cloud services that are at the core of sports innovation, athlete optimization, and epic fandom. Machine learning (ML) is producing advanced stats like NFL’s Next Gen Stats, high-performance computing (HPC) is redesigning F1 race cars and America’s Cup boats, organizations like NASCAR are using artificial intelligence (AI) services to automatically tag and categorize archives, and Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting sensors from the field and track to deliver real-time data. Whether it's predicting the probability of a catch in real-time, or forecasting ticket sales after a winning season, technology is changing the game.
Technologies: AWS
Topics: Data & AI

Survival Guide for implementing Corporate DevOps

René van Osnabrugge
Presentation about my experiments, challenges, failures, and insights when implementing DevOps in a large corporate. Including some theories and concepts that really helped me to survive the corporate journey.
Technologies: Microsoft
Topics: Devops

Deep Turnaround: Computer Vision at Schiphol Group

Santiago Ruiz, Marcel Raas
Technologies: Microsoft
Topics: Data & AI

eBay: From On-Prem to Cloud

Andrei Neacsu
Topics: Data & AI

Growing your DevOps Mindset

René van Osnabrugge
In this session, I will talk about what a DevOps MindSet is. How to recognize fears and counter-productive behavior and give you some tips and insights on how to start growing a DevOps Mindset for yourself and your colleagues.
Technologies: Microsoft
Topics: Devops

Workshop: Accelerate your cloud adoption with the AWS Cloud Development Kit

Sidney Borrego y Diaz
In this hands-on workshop, Sidney will guide you through setting up an enterprise CDK construct repository. Using this repository he will demonstrate how to enable teams to speed up their CDK adoption while adhering to company security and compliance standards.
Technologies: AWS
Topics: Infrastructure as Code

Compelling reasons to adopt the public cloud

Jeroen van der Leer
Jeroen van der Leer discusses five main reasons modern organizations choose to adopt the public cloud - and why you should too.
Technologies: AWS
Topics: Strategy

Pie & AI – MLOps and Clean Energy

Roman Ivanov
Topics: Data & AI

Securing your Secrets in the Cloud

Jeroen Willemsen
Have you spotted access keys in code? Putting it directly in your code might not be a good idea. Maybe you saw that Kubernetes offers secrets for this. Have you found your Kubernetes secrets to be readable by everyone? So where do you put your secrets in a secure way? In this session we will look at various solutions, such as Hashicorp Vault, Kubernetes, and solutions offered by AWS.
Topics: Software EngineeringSecurity

Cloud and Agile; Curse or Blessing?

Theo Gerrits, Monique Dekker
Many say that Agile and Cloud can solve anything. But, will Agile and Cloud reinforce each other in business acceleration? Does Cloud serve Agile or the other way around? Can Cloud and Agile work together, or are they not necessarily related to each other? Does Agile suit everyone, or are there environments where it will do more bad than good? What are the most critical aspects that need to be addressed in almost every organization? Monique Dekker asks Senior Technical Agile Consultant Theo Gerrits for guidance and practical advice. This session benefits management, mid-management, and leadership positions involved with Agile and/or Cloud, who want to scale, have questions about practical implementation, and more. In short, gain the right insights to take the next step towards effectively deploying these modern tools and methods.
Topics: Strategy

How HEMA uses AWS and data to create an unforgettable customer experience.

Bas Karsemeijer Karsemeijer , Guido van den Boom van den Boom
Every week, HEMA welcomes 8 million customers into its online and physical stores, and every one of these shopping sessions generates data. Now, how does HEMA use all this data to improve the customer experience? And what crucial role does AWS have in this? Bas Karsemeijer, Head of Data & Analytics will tell you all about it! We invite all board members, managers, data scientists, and engineers who are in the process of developing a data vision and building a data strategy to join this online get-together.
Technologies: AWS
Topics: StrategyData & AI

How to Prepare for the Google Cloud Engineer – Associate Certification Exam

Luca Cavallin
Obtaining your first Google Cloud certification can be a challenging experience. Luca Cavallin shares his best tips to prepare. Learn from Cloud Engineer Luca Cavallin how to pass the GCP Cloud Engineer – Associate Exam. Luca will share his first-hand tips and the resources he has used to pass the exam last December. What Will You Learn? You will get an overview of the knowledge needed to pass the certification, a list of resources to help you through the journey, and tips on how to prepare for the exam.
Technologies: Google Cloud
Topics: Infrastructure as Code

DSM’s Cloud-Native Journey

Andrès Koetsier
Together with Mark Boon (Senior Digital Engineer @ DSM), Andrès Koetsier (cloud consultant at Oblivion) goes in-dept into how DSM adopted a cloud-native way of working to rapidly develop new applications to solve sustainable challenges.
Technologies: AWS
Topics: Devops


Luca Cavallin, Jacco Kulman
In these live episode of Club Cloud Stories - The Cloud News, hosts Jacco and Luca discuss the latest cloud developments from Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.
Technologies: AWSGoogle Cloud

RAPIDS – Workshop GPU Accelerated Data Science

Ahmet Erdem
RAPIDS is an open-source software that accelerates the whole Data Science Pipeline from Data Preparation/Visualization to Machine Learning on GPU. In this workshop, you get familiar with RAPIDS which runs on Python with pandas/scikit-learn-like API and you experience the speed-up it provides.
Technologies: RAPIDS
Topics: Data & AI

Data Science in Production – Bonus Box at Ahold Delhaize

Suzanne Boer, Roel Bertens
When moving a Data Science project from proof of concept to production many new challenges arise. Today we discuss how to steer your product towards value based on experience from developing the Bonus Box at Ahold Delhaize.
Topics: Data & AI

Infrastructure-as-Code Workshop

Luca Cavallin, Niels van Doorn
An infrastructure-as-code workshop where you have the opportunity to go hands-on with Teraform and Google Cloud Run.
Technologies: Google Cloud
Topics: Infrastructure as Code

The Quantity of Quality: Image Recognition Lessons from the Flower Auction

Dirk Guijt, Vadim Nelidov
As more and more businesses digitalize, physical products often become represented by their photographs. While advantageous in a lot of ways, this also presents businesses with new kinds of challenges. How to ensure that these materials are of sufficient quality? How to measure image quality use it to motivate users to improve? What visual factors make the product more appealing and sellable? We will consider these and many related questions in this session with the example of the world’s biggest flower auction. It will combine a range of business insights with technical showcases in the domain of Data Science. Key words: Data Science, Image recognition, Image quality, Neural Networks, Ranking algorithms, Quality evaluation, Digitalisation
Technologies: AWS
Topics: Data & AI

Google Data mesh and streaming data ingestion

Navin Goel
Technologies: Google Cloud
Topics: Data & AI

Google Vertex AI

Wouter Roosenburg
Vertex AI is a unified MLOps platform to help data scientists/ML engineers increase experimentation, deploy faster, and manage models with confidence. Vertex AI brings together the Google Cloud services for building ML under one, unified UI and API. In Vertex AI, you can now easily train and compare models using AutoML or custom code training and all your models are stored in one central model repository. One AI platform, every ML tool you need A unified UI for the entire ML workflow Vertex AI brings together the Google Cloud services for building ML under one, unified UI and API. In Vertex AI, you can now easily train and compare models using AutoML or custom code training and all your models are stored in one central model repository. These models can now be deployed to the same endpoints on Vertex AI. Pre-trained APIs for vision, video, natural language, and more Easily infuse vision, video, translation, and natural language ML into existing applications or build entirely new intelligent applications across a broad range of use cases (including Translation and Speech to Text). AutoML enables developers to train high-quality models specific to their business needs with minimal ML expertise or effort. With central managed registry for all datasets across data types (vision, natural language, and tabular). End-to-end integration for data and AI You can use BigQuery ML to create and execute machine learning models in BigQuery using standard SQL queries on existing business intelligence tools and spreadsheets, or you can export datasets from BigQuery directly into Vertex AI for seamless integration across the data-to-AI life cycle. Use Vertex Data Labeling to generate highly accurate labels for your data collection. Support for all open source frameworks Vertex AI integrates with widely used open source frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and scikit-learn, along with supporting all ML frameworks via custom containers for training and prediction.
Technologies: Google Cloud
Topics: Data & AI

Modernise with Anthos – Google Cloud

Rushil Sharma
Outdated systems restrict savings, speed, and freedom from proprietary software. With Anthos, you can modernize your apps with containerized microservices and VMs to innovate faster and deliver more to your customers. Build across environments with containers With Migrate for Anthos and GKE, you can avoid vendor lock-in and achieve immediate operational cost savings, enhanced agility and flexibility, and extended application life spans. Faster modernization on a single application platform Modernize up to 75% faster with lower operational cost by migrating to containers without rewriting. Build and deploy apps faster at scale on a single secure platform to manage apps across environments. Increase developer productivity With Anthos, you can adopt agile DevOps practices and ship code faster with a consistent experience and API wherever you’re operating. Your developers can focus on writing, testing, and pushing code.
Technologies: Google Cloud
Topics: Software Engineering

European challenges for the coming decades of IT innovation

Alexandru Iosup
According to Alexandru Iosup, Professor at the VU, Amsterdam, Europe still lacks long-term, strategic innovation and needs to get in the driver's seat. With the Computer Systems and Network Manifesto, he wants to inform readers about developments in computing, the importance of innovation and provide a clear strategy for the Netherlands to stay relevant in the coming decades. In this session, Alexandru shares his vision and discusses scenarios for European innovation in the field of computer systems and networks.
Topics: StrategyInfrastructure as Code

Meet The Speakers

Vadim Nelidov Data Scientist at GoDataDriven
Theo Gerrits Senior Agile Consultant at Xebia
Wouter Roosenburg Customer Engineer at Google
Suzanne Boer Data Science Product Owner - S&A Digital Analytics at Albert Heijn
Steyn Huizinga CTO at Oblivion
Sidney Borrego y Diaz Cloud Consultant at Oblivion
Steven Nooijen Lead data scientist at GoDataDriven
Sohan Maheshwar Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Sara Leon Customer Support Engineer at dbt Labs
Santiago Ruiz Senior Data Scientist (Computer Vision) at Royal Schiphol Group
Rushil Sharma Customer Engineer Hybrid Cloud at Google
Roman Ivanov Machine Learning Engineer at GoDataDriven
Roel Bertens Data Scientist at GoDataDriven
René van Osnabrugge DevOps Whisperer
Niels van Doorn Cloud Engineer at
Navin Goel Customer Engineer at Google
Monique Dekker Partner Agile Transformations at Xebia
Michel Zitman FinOps Practice Lead at Oblivion
Matt Rocklin CEO at Coiled
Martijn Doedens Cloud Consultant at Oblivion
Marcel Raas Data Scientist at GoDataDriven
Luuk Figdor EMEA Sports Delivery Architect at Amazon Web Services
Kevin Duisters Commercial Analytics Lead at Interfood
Luca Cavallin Cloud Engineer at
Julian de Ruiter Machine Learning Engineer at GoDataDriven
Joost Olieroock Data & Analytics Lead at Guidion
Jeroen Willemsen Principal Security Architect
Jeroen van der Leer Cloud Consultant at Oblivion
Jeremy Cohen Product Manager dbt Labs
Jasper Ginn Data Engineer at GoDataDriven
Jacco Kulman Cloud Engineer at
Erwin Staal Azure Architect & DevOps Consultant
Elaine Versloot Chief Operations at
Dirk Guijt Lead Data Scientist at Royal FloraHolland
Diederik Greveling Data Scientist at GoDataDriven
Daniel Gebler CTO at Picnic
Camilla Björkqvist Global Data & Analytics Transformation Director at Danone
Bart Verlaat CEO at
Andrès Koetsier Cloud Consultant at Oblivion
Alexander Dragunov Senior Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Andrei Neacsu Data Engineering Manager at eBay Classifieds
Alexandru Iosup Full Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam)
Bas Karsemeijer Karsemeijer Head of Data & Analytics at Hema
Guido van den Boom van den Boom Partner Digital Transformation at Xebia
Ahmet Erdem Machine Learning at NVIDIA

Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is Club Cloud?
Club Cloud is for anyone with an interest in cloud technology. Be it strategic and organizational, operational and practical, or simply a general interest. Depending on the session a general affinity with IT and data helps to absorb the information or more extensive technical knowledge is required.
When does Club Cloud take place?
The event starts on Monday, November 1st and ends on Friday, November 5th. Select your time zone to view the schedule with your local times.
Is registration free of charge?
Yes, thanks to our sponsors, we can offer access to the exclusive Club Cloud sessions free of charge. All you need to do is register. Some of the training tasters are an exception. For some of them, we charge a small fee to cover preparation and material cost.
Is it ok if I join multiple sessions?
Yes absolutely, you are more than welcome to join the event the entire week.
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When you register, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail contains the details you need to login to the session.

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