Alex de Groot

SaaS Technology & Strategy Consultant at Xpirit

Building Great Products as SaaS Technology & Strategy Consultant

Alex is a highly enthusiastic person with 15+ years’ experience creating successful (SaaS) software. A contagious source of positive energy mixed with a curious mind makes him a fast learner and smart speaking partner. You can wake him up to test one of the latest technical innovations, but you will hit his main interest when technology is used in an intelligent way to achieve business goals. He’s always up for a challenge. When the stakes are high, constraints are big, and there’s little room to maneuver, he is at his best.

He tries to be an inspiration for the people around him. The best example of this, is the effort he currently spends on personal growth in interpersonal skills and effective collaboration. By applying the latest visual facilitation techniques, such as event storming, Wardley mapping and design sprints, working remote / on-site stays productive & fun. Especially in COVID-19 times, this makes a huge difference for the people he is working with.

Next to this, a large part of his mind is focused on how innovation can help us to take on the largest challenges in the world. He believes that an open data revolution, where everyone can access high quality data with security & privacy in mind, will enable us to tackle the biggest problems in the world. By talking about the ethics involved, deliberately exploring the business opportunities and learning about the latest technologies (such as AI, Big Data, Platforms, APIs & Blockchain), Alex hopes to contribute to the greater good.