Luca Cavallin

Cloud Engineer at

Luca is a software engineer and a certified Product Owner with full-stack experience ranging from large-scale distributed systems to cross-platform apps, and a fan of maintainable software and automated tests. He believes the cloud helps building applications painlessly, so he decided to dive deep into the atmospheric world of Google Cloud. He is currently interested in Serverless architectures, Machine Learning, IoT, React Native, Golang and Rust.

The rest of the time he enjoys photography, cycling and cats.

Nov 01

No sessions scheduled.

Nov 02


Infrastructure and Cloud-Native Engineering – 2 Nov

Luca Cavallin, Steyn Huizinga, Andrès Koetsier
Luca Cavallin obtained his Google Cloud Engineer Certificate and he will share which resources he used to prepare in the most efficient way. Learn how DSM’s Sustell enables farmers to measure their environmental footprint and test ways to improve it using AWS. The service uses over 700 data points and internationally certified calculation methodologies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide the most accurate analysis to help farmers make the best environmental and business decisions.
Technologies: AWS
Topics: Infrastructure as Code Data & AI

Cloud Strategy & Engineering Innovation

Alexandru Iosup, Jeroen Reijn, Antoni Tzavelas, Luca Cavallin, Walter van der Scheer
Join this session for an interactive panel discussion about the treats of being a cloud engineer, the developments and a guestimate about what the future holds. After the panel discussion, professor Alexandru Iosup shares his insights in the European challenges of IT innovation.
Topics: Strategy Infrastructure as Code

Cloud Security & MLOps

Michal Brygidyn, Luca Cavallin, Krzysztof Zarzycki, Marek Wiewiórka
You’ve been hearing a lot about security best practices, but you’re not convinced they can really make a difference? Do you think your resources are safe only because nobody would notice your random IP address? If so – join my session! I’ll show you real-life attack scenarios to convince you that misconfigurations can have dire consequences.

Nov 05

No sessions scheduled.