Pádraic Slattery

Analytics Engineer

Pádraic is an Analytics Engineer at GoDataDriven. He started his career as a Data Analyst before developing an interest in how best to automate the more technical aspects that support Business Intelligence and Analytics functions.

Pádraic is a problem solver with strong troubleshooting and analytical skills. He has a keen interest in staying up to date with BI and Analytics technologies. He likes to understand and implement these technologies to help customers structure their technology and people for success.

He has worked across several industries including online advertising, conference organisation and telecommunications where he has provided end-to-end data ownership ranging from ingestion from external sources to presentation in reports. He has undertaken projects including ingesting data from API, SQL and NoSQL sources to an Analytics database and setting up BI tools for FP&A reporting.

Pádraic is a strong advocate for learning by doing and so will always try to implement solutions. He likes to identify requirements and compare and contrast solutions to find the best fit