Technologies: AWS

Cloud Financial Management

November 5, 2021 09:00 - 11:15
Online - In person at: Laapersveld 27, 1213 VB, Hilversum



9:00 am

Best practices for optimizing cost and performance of your Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Why is it important to optimize costs? TCO has two main components: infrastructure cost and software licenses cost. The usual optimization scenario is when a customer wants to find compute, storage and licensing configuration that reaches the desired performance level at minimum cost. When you run SQL Server workloads, licensing makes up the majority of the TCO, so this is where you want to optimize. In this session we are going to cover basics of Microsoft licensing on AWS and best practices for compute and licensing optimization of SQL Server workloads on AWS. And finally we will discuss how AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment (AWS OLA) can help you to see potential cost savings when migrating your Windows Workloads to AWS.


Alexander Dragunov Senior Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
10:45 am

Discovering FinOps KPIs that keep your cloud costs in control

Michel Zitman (Cloud Financial Management Practice Lead at Oblivion) shares his best practices on how to build efficient FinOps KPIs and demonstrates the importance they have on your FinOps Governance. Cloud cost management appears to be a challenging subject in the majority of organizations. From our experience we have concluded that 35% of cloud spend is actually wasted as a result of over-provisioned resources alone. And given the fact that, on a global scale, we are only at the beginning of cloud adoption, it’s time for action.


Michel Zitman FinOps Practice Lead at Oblivion