Nov 05

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Nov 05


Cloud Financial Management

Alexander Dragunov, Michel Zitman
Technologies: AWS

Keeping up with your cloud knowledge

Steyn Huizinga, Sohan Maheshwar
Sohan Maheshwar (Developer Advocate at AWS) and Steyn Huizinga (CTO at Oblivion) explore the current state of cloud learnings and share their experiences on how you can continue to learn and grow in this domain.
Technologies: AWS
Topics: Strategy

DBT Vision and Developments

Renald Buter, Jeremy Cohen
Technologies: dbt
Topics: Data & AI

Cloud-Native Software Development – 5 Nov

Léon Rodenburg, Patrick Akil, Sohan Maheshwar, Mirko van Ede, Rogier Lommers
Technologies: AWS
Topics: Software Engineering

Data Democratization

Renald Buter, Kevin Duisters
Data Democratization increases the usage of data assets, uncovers new opportunities with data, and improves existing data operations. All this expedites decision making and facilitates the creation of business value. Join these sessions to learn about Data Democratization, the Modern Data Stack, self-service analytics, and the new professional role in the data field: the Analytics Engineer.
Topics: Data & AI

“Terrible Terraform and how to avoid it”

Werner Buck
Let's travel through terrible terraform use-cases together. We will laugh, we will cry. And we will see how we can avoid it.
Topics: Infrastructure as Code Devops

Q&A: AWS Cloud Development Kit Workshop Follow up

Sidney Borrego y Diaz
In this session Sidney gives the opportunity to answer questions that have arisen from his Cloud Development Kit on Monday:
Technologies: AWS
Topics: Infrastructure as Code