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Nov 03


the web-based workplace

Boris Du Bois, David Saris, Jeroen van Dam, Jeroen Hovinga, Jonas Aerts, Emiel Bekke, Ernst-Jan van Gils, Jochen Abrams, Freek van de Griendt
The web-based workplace is not the future. It is the present!
If your organization is not there yet, be sure not to miss our sessions.
Get inspired by customer experiences, best practices and practical insights!

This session will be held in DUTCH
Technologies: Google Workspace Chrome Enterprise Lumapps Salesforce Google Cloud Freshworks
Topics: Web Based Workplace

Cloud Transformation day for ISVs

Marcel de Vries, Geert van der Cruijsen, Alex de Groot, Fabian Klein Schiphorst
Xpirit presents a top-notch interactive talk show about Cloud Transformation for ISVs.
Technologies: Microsoft
Topics: Strategy

K-Sim Connect: How collaboration leads to successful innovation

Roy Cornelissen, Sander Aernouts, Gullik A. Jensen PhD, William Chaumeton
Technologies: Microsoft
Topics: Strategy Software Engineering

Using Terraform with Confidence

Filip Chyla
You deployed your infrastructure, and a week later, you get a request to adjust it, based on security findings. Thus the game of ping pong with your security team begins, and they can take a lot of your time and energy. This session aims to provide you with ideas and possible solutions to minimize the number of rounds you need to play with your security team. I will share my ideas on setting up a Terraform pipeline on Github with checks and short feedback loops and deploying it into Google Cloud with confidence.
Technologies: Google Cloud
Topics: Infrastructure as Code Security

Cloud Security – It ain’t rocketscience, a variety perspective.

Edzo Botjes
Is a secure cloud possible or an neverending rat-race? We know the debate around “The Cloud Is Just Someone Else's Computer.” The cloud is an technology ecosystem that provided us so much more options than time-share mainframe, multi-user unix systems or patterns as CORBA and RPC could provide us. I'll introduce you into the concept of Variety known from Requise Variety. One of the key attributes of an antifragile IT systems. This concept will help you in design decision on the risk mitigation in the cloud.
Topics: Security